Volunteer Work

Details of the different organizations and activities which I have volunteered with; including the Girl Guides of Canada and the United Church of Canada.

Education Professional History

Unit Leader (Fall 2001 to Present)
Girl Guides of Canada (Pickering, Ontario)

  • Developed valuable leadership and teamwork skills through running and assisting with various games and crafts with groups of children
  • Encouraged members to be creative and productive by setting an example
  • Was enrolled in the program as a youth for 9 years and continued to stay involved thereafter

Volunteer (July 2006)
Canada Day Volunteer (Waterloo, Ontario)

  • Played an essential role in running children oriented events by giving guidance to participants
  • Developed a simple system to monitor the distribution of prizes to participants
  • Covered for the absence of volunteers and went beyond my required duties

Volunteer (March 2006 to April 2006)
William Dunbar P.S Library/Highbush P.S Library (Pickering, Ontario)

  • Focused primarily on independent work
  • Introduced to a workplace with elements which were previously experienced
  • Acquired efficient time management skills when dealing with multiple tasks
  • Used precision when working with the Dewey decimal filing system

Volunteer/Camp Councilor (June 2001 to June 2003)
Dunbarton Fairport United Church (Pickering, Ontario)

  • Highly involved in a charitable organization, including assisting in dinners, craft fairs and with children religious education
  • Enhanced leadership by working with other volunteers to help efficiency
  • Created programs based off my own creativity for children
  • Gained experience working in a fast-paced environment and being forced to improvise when needed
  • Followed sanitary procedures when serving food and learned how to operate a tape cash register

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