Professional History

This section contained information on all of my past employers and tasks that I performed. My post-secondary chemical engineering Co-Op program provided several experiences in engineering workplaces. My history includes positions from many different fields of work which have resulted in an exposure to diverse workplace environments, teams, and tasks.

Education Volunteer Work

Tutor (contract) (January 2015 to December 2015)
Owl Academy (Pickering, Ontario)

  • Provided academic assistance to students in high school math and science courses
  • Prepared supplementary lessons for course material
  • Documented student progress and recognised areas of improvement

Poll clerk (contract) (October 2015)
Elections Canada (Pickering, Ontario)

  • Confirmed if electors were registered to vote
  • Assisted in the counting and documenting of marked ballots

Revision Agent (contract) (September 2015 to October 2015)
Elections Canada (Pickering, Ontario)

  • Resolved telephone inquiries from the public regarding the federal election and their voter registration information
  • Performed data entry and searches within the computer database system, Revise
  • Reviewed documentation provided by coworkers for accuracy and completion
  • Travelled to high turn-over neighbourhoods, going door-to-door providing information regarding voter registration

ChemTRAC Technical Advisor (contract) (April 2013 to September 2013)
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority & Toronto Public Health (Toronto, Ontario)

  • Educated facilities in quantifying their chemical uses and releases for compliance to municipal bylaw through on-site visits and responding to telephone and email queries
  • Reviewed and troubleshot Microsoft Excel macro-enabled spreadsheets and the online reporting interface for ChemTRAC
  • Analysed and reviewed submitted facility report data; contacting and clarifying with companies that had missing or potentially erroneous data

Service Desk Analyst (contract)  (March 2012 to September 2012)
SNC Lavalin O&M (Toronto, Ontario)

  • Put together a health and safety report of the Service Desk area and assisted in mitigating concerns
  • Imaged new computer hardware for deployment using Altiris
  • Performed laptop and desktop hardware component replacements and disassembly

Shipping Receiving Clerk (part time) (November 2010 to February 2012)
Books for Business (Toronto, Ontario)

  • Operated a DOS-based inventory system to document the sales and deliveries of merchandise
  • Worked with coworkers to implement a brand new inventory program at the start of 2011
  • Outlined several plans for development and changes for the business to be taken into consideration by the management
  • Managed the receiving and shipping of product out of the downtown Toronto storefront

Environmental Scientist (co-op) (September 2008 to December 2008,  May 2009 to August 2009)
Barenco Inc. (Gormley, Ontario)

  • Created drafting drawings and figures through extensive use of the CorelDraw program
  • Participated in on-site water and soil testing involving quality control procedures
  • Organized environmental assessment reports
  • Worked on teams with junior and professional engineers

Laboratory Assistant (co-op) (January 2008 to April 2008)
University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario)

  • Performed testing and troubleshooting of laboratory equipment and integrated new technology into older experimental set ups
  • Prepared stock solutions and collected sample data for experiment apparatus
  • Oversaw and briefed Teaching Assistants and students in the operation of experiments

Water Technician (co-op) (May 2007 to August 2007)
Canada’s Wonderland (Vaughan, Ontario)

  • Performed various chemical tests on pool water on an hourly basis, recording and documenting results
  • Completed time-sensitive tasks; including water testing, cleaning and maintenance of facilities
  • Gained familiarity with maintaining and monitoring pump systems and interpreting gauge readings

Program Leader (seasonal) (September 2006 to October 2006)
Green Acres Day Camp (Markham, Ontario)

  • Enhanced communication skills by guiding students through elements of a set program
  • Demonstrated competence in the ability to follow safety procedures and regulations
  • Gained experience with operating a tractor along with maintenance routines required for use

Tutor (seasonal) (June 2005 to July 2005)
Highbush Public School (Pickering, Ontario)

  • Further developed organization skills by setting up unique lessons for individual students
  • Assisted instructors with lessons and marking of assignments
  • Refined leadership skills by maintaining order among students

Page (part time) (September 2003 to August 2004)
Petticoat Creek Public Library (Pickering, Ontario)

  • Gained extensive knowledge and appreciation for library organization
  • Developed strong independence through completing given tasks unsupervised
  • Developed strong interpersonal skills through dealing with the public

Seasonal Employee (seasonal) (1998 to 2001)
Top Banana (Toronto, Ontario)

  • Refined organization skills by dealing with inventory
  • Gained practical knowledge of the retail workplace

Babysitter (1997 to Present)
Family Friends (Pickering, Ontario)

  • Certified through the Canadian Red Cross training course
  • Looked after children ranging in age from toddlers to elementary school ages

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