Arts and Crafts

Outside of my visual art I have maintained an interest in creating crafts. These make use of various medium such as paper, fabric, foam, string, beads and cardboard. A gallery of some of my craft work can be found in my Tumblr gallery.

Paper TorchGirl Guides
My background with crafts I can attribute to my time spent in Girl Guides. When I went through the program as a youth, many of the camps and weekly meetings involving making or planning crafts. As an adult leader of a Sparks/Brownie group I continue to routinely make and teach

Friendship bracelets were something I commonly made in my youth. They were a great portable craft that I was able to take on car trips and abroad. I commonly made bracelets with the use of plastic thread, embroidery floss, or beads. Recently I have also made bracelets using a Rainbow Loom which uses small elastic bands.

PumpkinPumpkin Carving
A yearly tradition is to carve faces into pumpkins for Halloween. I usually make simple smiley face designs but have tried doing more detailed images over the last few years. A collection of my designs can be found on my tumblr.

I have some previous experiences working with clay and moldable medium through summer camps and specialised art classes. I have made cups, bowls and hand shaped sculptures which were then painted or glazed. Additionally, I also have opportunities to try out crafting kits or use non-standard materials to create art; these have included scratching painted surfaces, using paper and pipe cleaners, melting crayons, or playing with dyes/food colouring.